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FAQ - Safe & Secure Storage

Please read our Storage FAQ, Office Space FAQ or our Caravan & Motorhome FAQ for a range of commonly asked questions to help you better understand our fantastic services.

Self Storage FAQ

What is self storage?
You rent your own store room in our secure building to which you have 24/7 access. You lock your room with your own padlock.

What is the cost of storage?
Prices start at £14.40 inc vat per week for our smallest storage rooms (24 square foot).

What size are your storage areas?
They range from 24 to 200 square foot, plus larger areas suitable for up to 200 pallets.

How much space do I need?
We suggest that you visit us before you book storage space so that our experienced staff can advise you. Or you can phone us on 01646 600129 for an initial discussion.

Will any staff be on hand to help me unload?
By arrangement, yes. Please make an appointment so that we can make sure that one of our professional and friendly team members is available to assist.

Do you provide trolleys and a forklift?
Yes. You have free use of the trolleys but our driver needs to operate the forklift.

What can I store?
Everything except:         Food; plants; living creatures; combustible or flammable liquids, including gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents; weapons, ammunition or explosives; chemicals, radioactive materials and biological agents; asbestos, toxic waste, or other potentially dangerous materials; any items that emit fumes or strong smells; illegal substances, including goods illegally obtained; compressed gases; high value items including jewellery, bullion, stamps, antiques, bonds, deeds and cash, illegal goods, including counterfeit products and non duty paid alcohol / tobacco.

Is it secure?
The building is protected by intruder alarms and 24/7 manned CCTV security cameras. Inside you have your own locked storage room (using your own padlock).

When can I deliver or retrieve my goods?
We ask you to make an appointment for your first visit. After that you can access your secure room at any time of day or night.

How are my goods insured?
We advise you to take out insurance cover. Often the cheapest option is to add it to your home contents insurance. Alternatively, we can recommend a specialist insurer, or you can sign a disclaimer.

What width are the doors?
The doors on smaller units are slightly wider than ordinary domestic doors. The largest units have garage size doors.

Do the storage areas have shelving?
No, but we can provide shelving. Most people prefer to store their goods in good quality stackable boxes. Our website has a link to a storage box company.

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Office Space FAQ

What is the cost of renting a large office?
Prices start at £65 +vat per week with no added extras. You have 24/7 access to your office in our secure building.

What is the cost of a private office?
It will depend on the size of your office. The largest we have is 400 square foot.

What about the cost business rates and broadband?
It’s all included in your rent. So you pay nothing extra for business rates, broadband, Wi-Fi, cleaning or repairs.

Do you provide a desk and chair?
Yes, you get a desk, chair and free use of kitchen and reception facilities.

Do you have parking?
Yes, we provide free parking on site.

Will I have to pay business rates?
No, we pay all business rates.

So, is there any extra cost at all?
We can provide you with storage rooms, lockable filing cabinets, secretarial support and live telephone answering, with calls answered in your company’s name and messages forwarded to you by email or SMS to your mobile.

Do I have to sign a long lease?
No, but we ask for one month’s notice to bring your rental to an end.

What if I want a room for less than a month?
That’s possible. We have private office space and meeting rooms for hire by the hour, day, week or month.

Can I store goods?
Yes, we have a number of storage options available including lockable filing cabinets and private storage rooms.

Can you take in deliveries?
Yes, we can accept your mail and parcels and keep them safe for you to collect at your convenience. We can even load or unload your vehicles.

How are my goods insured?
We advise you to take out insurance cover. Often the cheapest option is to add it to your existing insurance. Alternatively, we can recommend a specialist insurer or you can sign a disclaimer.

Is the building secure?
The building is protected by intruder alarms and 24/7 manned CCTV cameras.

Can I use your building as my business address?
Yes, you can use our address as your trading address while you are renting space but you cannot use our address as your registered office address. This can be done through your accountant or solicitor etc.

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Caravan & Motorhome Storage FAQ

Do you have hard standing for storing my caravan / motorhome?
Yes - Tarmac

Can I collect / drop off my caravan / motorhome at any time?
Yes - you are issued with an electronic key fob to let you in / out of the compound 24/7.

Is the compound secure?
Yes, we have CCTV monitored 24/7 and we can re-code the codes at any time in the key fobs.

Are you open all year?

Do you have good access?
Yes, just off the A477 to the Marina, Neyland.